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Welcome to Brigitte's Bakery! I am so excited that you found me. I am so passionate about living a gluten free life and I want to share my personal story with you.

In May 2004, I became very ill.  I was unable to digest food, found myself tired most days, and began to lose weight at a rapid pace.  I underwent numerous medical tests, none of which identified the root cause of my problems.  My only source of nutrition was Jell-O and saltine crackers.  It was all that felt safe to me.  Little did I know that those crackers were making my condition worse.

Eventually I found a doctor that was able to diagnose my problem.  I had Celiac disease.  It was such a relief to know that my condition had a name.  But that relief soon turned to fear as I learned that my condition had no cure.

I turned to my new doctor for advice on how to control this disease so that I could live a normal life.  Online research also became part of my normal routine.  I learned very quickly that I had to change my eating habits in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I began to eat again, but in a new and different way.  I started following a strict gluten free diet.  I found it challenging and frustrating at first, but soon my body began to respond and I started feeling healthy again.  I discovered new foods and new ways to prepare them.  Gluten free became my lifestyle.

I had always enjoyed eating out, but that now presented a new challenge.  It was very difficult finding local restaurants that offered gluten free options.

While traveling in Europe and British Columbia I realized there were healthy alternatives out there.  I found it easy to grab a gluten free meal or a quick snack.  During my last visit to Victoria, British Columbia, I stumbled upon The Joint Pizzeria and Deli.  Right there on their menu I found gluten free pizza and cookies.  What a treat!  I stopped by for a cookie every day during my vacation.

Upon returning home I could not stop thinking about the multitude of eating options that had been available to me while on vacation.  I decided that I wanted to be able to provide gluten free options to others.  I started experimenting with recipes, baking batch after batch of cookies, cupcakes, and muffins.  Through this experimentation I realized that I had a passion for baking, and decided to make a career change.  I decided to become a gluten free baker.

In 2009, with the support of my family and friends, I opened Brigitte’s Bakery - an all gluten free bake shop.  I am very happy to share the results of this journey with you.  I hope that you can find something on our menu that makes you smile.